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UK Converters & Distributors of Technical Adhesive Tapes, Foams, Films & Membranes

Toffee Tape

Double Sided Rubber Resin Toffee Tape

Toffee Tape - UK ManufacturerThis highly conformable double sided tape made from pressure-sensitive rubber resin bonds difficult substrates, such as polythene, polypropylene and many more. Ideal for joining polythene sheeting, bonding kick plates, bonding wires to road surfaces, mounting light weight items , roof bar bonding, the list goes on. 

Premium & Super Premium Grades Manufactured in the UK

Toffee Tape Applications;

  • Building & Construction
  • Fixing of lightweight wall panels
  • Bonding of insulation to walls
  • Fixing of floor materials (carpets, threshold strips etc.)
  • Joining of plastic sheeting used for temporary protection e.g. during asbestos removal
  • Fixing during construction of composite panelling
  • Joining plastic vapour barriers used in roof construction
  • Fixing during manufacture of laminate wood panels
  • Fixing tiles in place on floors and walls
  • Fixing side panels to caravans/mobile homes
  • Fixing roof and floor coverings
  • Fixing of plastic casing on white goods
  • Fixing signs & displays
  • Bonding together of pond liners to form a waterproof seal
  • Agriculture
  • Joining of plastic sheeting used underground
  • Repair of plastic sheeting in greenhouse construction
  • Temporary tarpaulin repair and many more…….