ISO 9001 : 2015 Approved

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Norton CST Joist Tape

Eliminate Sub Floor Squeaks & Reduce Sound Transmission with CST Green Glue Joist Tape

Joist Tape V494 by Green GlueNorton CST (Comfort and Silence Tape) is a uniform gasket joist tape that provides a unique noise control and thermal break solution to both residential and commercial construction.


It is a specially formulated closed cell foam adhesive tape with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side and a protective durable surface on the other side.


Noise Control NORTON CST™ Joist Tape virtually eliminates squeaks. It leaves a quieter and more comfortable floor due to it’s ability to dampen vibrations: 

Impact sound transmission (IIC rating - Impact Insulation Classification) through floors is reduced up to 10 times! (ASTM E-989). 

Airborne sound transmission (STC rating - Sound Transmission Class) through walls is reduced up to 20 times! (ASTM E-90). 

NORTON CST™ V494 Joist Tape Features

  • Uniform Gasket

Consistent thickness and width throughout

  • Noise Reduction

Sound transmission noticeably reduced, squeaks/call-backs eliminated.

Squeaks caused by gaps are eliminated.

  • Standard widths

Matches industry standards for joists and studs, no waste of material

  • Self-Adhesive

Quick and clean application, no special skills required

  • V494 CST Joist TapeSmooth Top Surface

Subfloor slides easily into position

  • Durable

Good for life of building

  • Versatile

Can be applied on-site or pre-applied off-site

Technical Data

  • Flame Spread Classification 15 (Class I) ASTM E-84/UL723
  • Smoke Developed Classification 10 (Class I) ASTM E-84/UL723
  • Oxidation Resistance Passed (300 psi at 158°F during 96 h) *APA
  • Air Permeability @ 30% compression 0 (impermeable) *NTP-122
  • Thermal Conductivity (BTU (.in)/Sq. Ft. (hr.) F) .28 ASTM C-518
  • Recommended Service Temperature -20°F to 160°F (-29°C to 71°C)
  • Recommended Application Temperature 40°F to 125°F (4°C to 52°C)
  • Max Impact Noise Reduction -10 dB @ 1250 Hz ASTM E-989
  • Max Airborne Sound Reduction (through floors) -19 dB @125 Hz ASTM E-90
  • Max Airborne Sound Reduction (through walls) -19 dB @ 500 Hz ASTM E-90