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Glazing Tapes

Security, Structural, Intumescent, Trim Mounting & Sealing Tapes

Glazing Foam Tapes

Glazing Foam TapeOur extensive range of glazing foam tapes provide solutions throughout the glazing process. These are offered in full box quantities and can be provided in standard and custom sized rolls as well as bespoke die cuts.

Security Glazing Tape - BS7412

Security Glazing Tape is a double sided, high tack foam tape approved to BS7412. It bonds the glass to the frame to inhibit and prevent the removal of the glass from the frame.

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Thermalbond V2100 Structural Glazing Spacer Tape

Proven, trusted & installed in the some of the worlds most prestigious buildings this structural glazing spacer tape has been in use for over 45 years. It is a high strength, double sided, open cell polyurethane foam spacer tape, compatible with all tested silicones.

FS1000 Intumescent Foam Tape

This is a world first mutli-purpose foam tape that acts a single sided foam tape prior to exposure of temperatures exceeding 200 °C at which point is expands to create a fire resistant char.

Single Sided Sealing Tape

These range of single sided PVC foam tapes feature a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side only. When compressed by 30% they provide a 1000pa weather seal.

Expanding Foam Tape

EXP 6 Expanding Foam Tape is a BBA approved, impregnated PU foam tape provides that 600 pa weather tight seal. It is self expanding and is specifically designed to be used when installing windows and doors to create a weather tight seal that remains permanently flexible.

Trim Mounting Georgian Bar Tape

Double sided foam tapes that provide strong mounting solutions for window trims. Excellent resistant to weathering & U.V. light. Lynvale offer entry level high spec economy foams, through to a range of elite performance foams where quality, asthetics & long functionality are paramount.