ISO 9001 : 2015 Approved

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Anti Slip Tape

Industrial Anti Slip Tape

Anti Slip TapeOur anti slip tapes are easy to apply and offer instant protection to walkways, stairs, access routes, ladders, workshops & retail floor space.

Designed to with stand high foot traffic this tape bonds instantly to clean, dry floors and provides instant grip reducing trips, slips & falls.

Made from a fine grade aluminium oxide, with a medium grit providing excellent levels of coefficient friction.

This tape is water resistant when applied to non-porous surfaces.

We also recommend that you use the compatible primer & edge sealer to ensure maximum longevity.

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Anti Slip Tape Technical Data

  • BS 7976:2 Pendulum Tested
  • Dry Surface Test Results: 102 TRL
  • Wet Surface Test Results: 71 TRL
  • Roll Sizes: feom 25mm up to 1168mm x 18.3 Meters as standard.
  • Colours: Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green , Grey, Orange, White & Hazard Tapes (Red / White or Black / Yellow)