ISO 9001 : 2015 Approved

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Sika PowerCure 600 Dispenser

sika powercure 600 dispenserThe PowerCure 600 dispenser and adhesive system from Skia delivers the precision and performance of the high-end pump systems found on manufacturers’ production lines. It combines high flexibility, ergonomic and easy handling, and minimal waste in a clear and focused design. The use of a single, brushless motor mechanically couples extrusion, dosing and dynamic mixing, and allows users to control extrusion speed on the go without compromise. Providing the fastest curing adhesives at an unmatched comfort level for the user, Sika PowerCure 600 Dispenser is the total solution for smaller sealing and bonding applications.


Sika PowerCure 600 Dispenser Advantages

  • QUICK MIXER REPLACEMENT The PowerCure mixer is designed to be mounted and unmounted in just a few steps, making the system quick and easy to use.
  • EASY ADHESIVE REFILL Thanks to the unique bayonet closure, reloading the system with a new unipack is even faster than with ordinary onecomponent systems.
  • ERGONOMIC SOFT HANDLE Not only is the handle made out of soft material, it is also in the right position to ideally balance the weight of the system