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Sika Aktivator

Sika Aktivator 100

Sika Activator 100 is a solvent-based colourless adhesion promoter, which reacts with moisture and deposits active groups on the substrate. These groups act as a link between substrates and primers or sealants/adhesives. Sika Aktivator-100 is specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces prior to application of Sika’s 1-component Polyurethanes.

250ml Bottles Supplied 6 Bottles per Box / 1000ml Bottles Supplied 4 Bottles per Box

Sika Aktivator 100 Application Method

  • sika aktivator 100Two Cloth Method x 2
  • Cloth 1 – Wipe on Cleaner P
  • Cloth 2 – Wipe Off Cleaner P
  • Cloth 3 – Wipe on Sika Aktivator 100
  • Cloth 4 – Wipe Off Sika Aktivator 100

Sika Aktivator 205

Sika Aktivator 205 is an alcohol solution containing a bond activating substance designed for the activation of surfaces prior to bonding and sealing with Sikaflex® products.

sika aktivator 205Sika Aktivator 205 is used to activate the following non-porous substrates; 


  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Glazed Ceramics
  • Painted Surfaces

Sika Aktivator 205 Application Method

  • Two Cloth Method
  • Cloth 1 – Wipe on Sika Aktivator 205
  • Cloth 2 – Wipe On Sika Aktivator 205

250ml Bottles Supplied 6 Bottles per Box / 1000ml Bottles Supplied 4 Bottles per Box 

Sika Aktivators are suitable for professional, experienced users only. Tests with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.

Individual Bottles can be purchased online (Free Next Day Delivery) from our UK Distributor