ISO 9001 : 2015 Approved

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ISO Flame Kombi F120

120 Minute Fire Sealing Foam Tape

ISO-FLAME KOMBI F 120 is a PUR sealing tape equipped with a special flame-retardant impregnation which withstands fire and smoke for at least 30 to 120 minutes in the event of a fire. Thanks to these characteristics it meets the most stringent fire-protection requirements.

ISO-FLAME KOMBI F 120 is suitable for the reliable sealing of joints and connections in buildings, which must provide high fire protection requirements.

Its uses range from sealing fire protection joints in walls, ceilings and connections between wall and ceiling (up to a fire resistance period of 120 minutes) through to building segments such as:

  • Solid Constructions

  • Pre-Fabricated Constructions

  • Wall Partitioning Constructions

  • Timber Constructions EI30

  • Metal Constructions EI30

  • Weather-proof Joints (when used in connection with EXP 6 Expanding Foam Tape)

ISO Flame Kombi Advantages

  • Fulfils the requirements of fire protection as a physical barrier against the flame and thermal isolation for 120 minutes (F120 and EI 120)

  • Fire resistance period of F 30, F 120, EI 30 and EI 120 tested by iBMB / MPA Braunschweig and MPA Stuttgart

  • Permanently elastic, with a high long term movement capacity

  • For joint dimensions from 4 up to 40 mm

  • Sound and heat insulating

  • Approved, tested coverage with ISO-BLOCO 300 and

    600 as well as ISO-TOP FACADE SEAL

  • No pre-treatment of the joint and no additional sealing

    to the visible joint surface with fire protection compound

    agent required

  • Applicable in all types of construction

  • Constant quality, DIN-standardised, which are regularly

    controlled by independent institutions

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