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Overbanding Tape

Overbanding Tape for Pothole Repairs and Failed Reinstatement Joints

Overbanding Tape, standard and skid resistant rolls. HAPAS approved versions are also offered.Overbanding Tape is a polymer modified bitumen strip. It is used for sealing over cracks or failed reinstatement joints on secondary roads. If required the skid resistance can be increased. This is done by covering the tape after it has been applied with granite dust to a maximum size of 3mm to a similar finish to the existing road surface. A skid resistant version is also available (not a torch on product).

Available in 30mm, 35mm (HAPAS approved), 40mm and 50mm Rolls.

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Overbanding Tape Benefits

  • Instantly seals against water ingress, preventing cracking and fretting
  • Traffic can pass over immediately
  • The elastic properties accommodate thermal movement and increase longevity
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Works on asphalt or concrete

Installing Overbanding Tape

  • Remove dirt, dust and debris from the joints and surrounding road surface using a stiff broom or brush
  • Make sure that the road surface is dry
  • If necessary you can use a gas burner to dry the cracks and surrounding area
  • Apply by hand or roller following the line of the joint
  • Overbanding tape is a pressure sensitive tape . You will need to apply pressure as you install it. When the joint is covered in the tape, cut it off from the roll and press the tape down thoroughly, using your hands or feet to apply this necessary pressure
  • Remove the interleaving film from the tape
  • If there are sudden changes in direction required simply cut the tape and start a new section making sure you overlap the end of the previous section by 50mm
  • Where required,  apply granite dust to improve skid resistance.

Densoband Primer and Propane Torches also available.


Other Highways Maintenance solutions available from Lynvale include, Densoband and Thermoplastic Tapes.


Densoband is used to form a flexible watertight seal. This flexible, water tight seal allows for road movement from traffic load and thermal changes. Due to its flexibility it prevents cracking and therefore the subsequent erosion of the joint. It is widely used in road, tramway, railway and airport runway repair and construction. It is the sealing tape of choice and reduces your maintenance return visits.

Thermoplastic Tapes are used for marking roads, car parks and playgrounds. Thermoplastic Tapes are available in preformed strips either as straight lines, letters or shapes.