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CS206 S

CS206 S Self Adhesive PTFE Tape

A Premium Grade PTFE Coated Fabric Tape with High Performance Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (one side). Good Release Properties in High Temperature Applications. Supplied on a Yellow Corrugated Liner.

CS206 S Adhesive PTFE Tape Applications

CS206 S Adhesive PTFE TApe


  • PVCu Welding
  • Element Covering
  • Platen Covering
  • Impulse Wires
  • L-Bar Sealers




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Technical Data

  • Base PFTE Fabric Weight (g/M²) : 300 (FTMS 191A-5041)
  • Base Thickness (mm) : 0.140 (FTMS 191A-5030)
  • Adhesive Thickness (mm) : 0.045 (FTMS191A-5030)
  • 180° Peel Adhesion Strength (N/cm) : 6.3 (ASTM D3330-83)
  • Tensile Strength (N/cm) : 280 x 260 (FTMS 191A-5102)
  • Adhesive : Silicone
    Temperature Resistance (°C) : -73 to +260
  • Formats: Rolls / Sheets /Die Cut Gaskets
  • (formerly: Chemstik 700-6 GX S / Tygaflor 216AAP)

Custom Sized Rolls, Sheets & Gaskets

As with most of the materials and tapes available from Lynvale, we can produce custom sized rolls, sheets and gaskets using our in-house modern converting machinery.


Custom sized solutions are subject to minimum order quantities or a small order surcharge (this covers the cost of machine set up time & material wastage).


Our capabilities & expertise allow Lynvale to manufacture bespoke solutions from proto-types to full scale production all under one roof.


If you’re in search of something a little different please get in touch.

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