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CS106-2 S

CS106-2 S CHR PTFE Adhesive Tape

Self Adhesive PTFE Tape CHR CS106-2 sPremium Series PTFE Coated Fabric Tape
with High Performance Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (one side). This PTFE Adhesive Tape has Good Release Properties in High Temperature Applications and is supplied on a Yellow Corrugated Liner

CS106-2 S Applications

  • Element Covering
  • Platen Covering
  • Impulse Wires
  • L-Bar Sealers


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CS106-2 S Technical Data

  • Base PFTE Fabric Weight (g/M²) : 315 (FTMS 191A-5041)
  • Base Thickness (mm) : 0.145 (FTMS 191A-5030)
  • Adhesive Thickness (mm) : 0.045 (FTMS191A-5030)
  • 180° Peel Adhesion Strength (N/cm) : 6.3 (ASTM D3330-83)
  • Tensile Strength (N/cm) : 280 x 280 (FTMS 191A-5102)
  • Adhesive : Silicone
    Temperature Resistance (°C) : -73 to +260
  • Formats: Rolls / Sheets / Die Cut Gaskets
  • (formerly: Chemstik 106-2 S / Chemstik 100-6 S / Tygaflor 116AP)

Custom Sized Rolls, Sheets & Gaskets

As with most of the materials and tapes available from Lynvale, we can produce custom sized rolls, sheets and gaskets using our in-house modern converting machinery.


Custom sized solutions are subject to minimum order quantities or a small order surcharge (this covers the cost of machine set up time & material wastage).


Our capabilities & expertise allow Lynvale to manufacture bespoke solutions from proto-types to full scale production all under one roof.


If you’re in search of something a little different please get in touch.

ISO 9001 : 2015 Approved Manufacturer, Converter and Distributor of Adhesive Tapes, Films, Foams & Membranes