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Expanding Foam Tape Installation Instructions

Correct Installation of BBA Approved EXP 6 Expanding Foam Tape

Ensure Maximum Performance, Reduce Wastage & Eliminate Mistakes by Following These Steps.



You need to determine which size of EXP6 Tape you need by measuring the joint width and allowing for maximum predicted movement.

Expanding Foam Tape InstallationTools Required.

  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Flat Bladed Instrument i.e. Trowel

Preparation of Surface
Joint surface should be clean from dust, sand, lose particles and any debris and obstructions.

Expansion Times
EXP6 Expanding foam tape will expand faster when subjected to heat, equally it will take longer to expand in cold conditions, it should always be stored at normal “room temperatures”.


Step 1:
Using scissors remove the self adhesive leader strip, cut off and discard the deformed beginning of the tape, creating a square end (you should also repeat this process when you reach the end of the tape roll).
Step 2:
Peel back approximately 15cm of the release paper to expose the self adhesive side of the foam tape. When installing EXP6 into the joint fix the self adhesive side to the smoothest surface (e.g. the window frame) using a palette knife / trowel of any flat blade tool. Ensure you do not stretch the tape. Continue to unwind the tape from the roll peeling away the release liner as you do so until the joint is filled.
Step 3:
You must oversize the length of the tape in the joint by 1cm per meter to allow for any accidental stretching and also to ensure any blind ends are sealed correctly. Instantly apply the tape into the joint ensuring the visible edge of the tape is set back into the joint by at least 1 to 2mm.
Step 4:
Once the tape is installed it will expand to fill the joint (as previously stated the expansion rate of the expanding foam tape is dependant on temperature) this expansion makes the expanding foam tape self supporting. Any unevenness along the joint will be automatically be accommodated by the tapea s it self expands.

Important Tips
Do not unwind the tape until you are installing it.
Secure any partially used rolls tightly to prevent any unused expanding foam tape from expanding prior to installation.

Vertical Joints

If the tape will not adhere to the doing (this may happen in damp or dusty conditions) the tape can be held in position with wooden wedges. Once the expanding foam tape has expanded it will be self supporting, at this stage remove the wooden wedges to allow full expansion.

Cross Joints

Install the tape to the vertical joint first, passing through the horizontal joint as a single, continuous strip. When this is done the horizontal joints can be installed, starting and finishing at the vertical tape. Ensure that you install the horizontal tape oversized in length at the vertical joint – this will compress the vertical tape, forming a good butt joint between the two strips. The vertical tape should not expand beyond its tolerance dimensions.

Butt Joints

EXP 6 can be jointed to form a weatherproof junction in long runs by forming a tight butt joint. Ensure both ends of the tape are cut square to match exact other exactly. Oversize the length of both expanding foam tapes to ensure there is sufficient pressure at the ends of the tape to form a tight joint even after accidental stretching has been compensated for.

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